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Tatiana and Logan have not been in Norwich long but instantly fell in love with the fine city's watering holes and other picturesque areas, a jewel of East Anglia that sparkles at every corner. Although their views of Norwich were not always so rosy, battling through classic ingrained inner conflicts. One brought up with the... Continue Reading →

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Guinness Draught vs Original – So What’s The Difference?

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Two beers; one name. There can be little difference, surely? Well you’ve clearly never tasted GUINNESS Draught and GUINNESS Original side by side says top beer blogger Jeff Evans

There’s a mere 0.1% variation in strength, but the way in which they are presented makes a whole world of difference to the appearance and, more importantly, the taste.

Draught in a can

GUINNESS Draught was introduced in 1988, a canned equivalent of the Draught GUINNESS in pubs that first saw the light 30 years earlier.

Back in the 1950s, cask-conditioned stout was being phased out in Ireland, but the new-fangled keg beer dispense systems, using pressurised carbon dioxide to store and serve the beer, were not popular with drinkers who preferred the softer carbonation of the original cask beer.

Hence GUINNESS set to work on devising a revolutionary new dispense system, using a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases…

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Generic by name but not by Nature.

The White Lion. If you love cider then this is the place for you! This cider sanctuary has a giant chalkboard full of a constantly changing selection of ciders from all around the country, with around 20 in total. We like the sweet offerings from Snailsbank when they are there and are always on the... Continue Reading →

The Titchmarsh & Mjölnir

The Trowel and Hammer. The most interesting thing about this pub is the information we learnt from Dom at The Coachmakers Arms that it may have been a mass grave site from the 14th century plague. Many people tried to hide from the black death within Norwich's city walls but the rats and fleas were... Continue Reading →

How to hot wire a horse.

The Coachmakers Arms. This pub is situated right by the old city's tax wall and would have been the equivalent of a modern day car garage. YOMOT (Ye Olde Ministry of Transport) tests would have been carried out here to check that your coach wheels had enough tread and the horse emissions weren't too high.... Continue Reading →


The Coach and Horses, Union Street. This the second of three pubs of this name in Norwich and our visit may have been unfruitful but it wasn't without it's own intrigue. After dismounting our steeds we noticed a Police coach parked outside, inside there was a barman with a rather long face and all the... Continue Reading →

A Pleasurable Pit

The Pit and Pendulum, Nottingham. On a dark and eerily quiet night in Nottingham we found sanctuary in this very unsanctified place. We didn't actually plan to come here and only stumbled across the ghoulish green glow gleaming from this gothic glazed gathering. When we were allured in by the initial juxtaposition we realise that... Continue Reading →

The Black Horse of city

The Black Horse. This is real stallion of a pub with a massive beer garden that even features a free table football. There is nothing to pay to play but original balls must have been liberated into the garden at some point as they have been replaced with lofty ping-pong balls. The cheaper alternatives are... Continue Reading →

Blue Joannannanananna

Blue Joanna. Sat amongst the other shop fronts along Unthank Road you might think this is just a cafe at first. As you pass through the small tortoise gates and enter under the awning you will see the great Blue Joanna. The Blue Joanna is a piano named after Frank Sinatra's famous piano which he... Continue Reading →

Ye Myths of Jerusalem

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. This Nottingham Inn comes with a rather bold statement brandished across it, "The Oldest Inn in England" but it is subject to much speculation. There are stories in the inn from over centuries and even plaques on the wall stating that the Crusaders stopped there. So before the Knights Templar's... Continue Reading →

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